Funding Request

Now that you started your ECF FCC Form 471 and answered the unmet need questions, you are ready to create funding requests..

The Funding Request Number, or FRN, is a unique ID for each type of equipment or service that is associated with one vendor. Please note that each FRN can only include equipment or services, but not both.

Equipment FRNs are used for items such as laptops, tablets, hotspots, and other eligible equipment while service FRNs are used for broadband connections. Service FRNs will also be used if you are seeking New Construction, Self-Provisioned Networks, or Datacasting Customer Premises Equipment.

Each FRN can only have one vendor, and one service start and end date. You can have multiple FRNs per ECF FCC Form 471, and an ECF FCC Form 471 can have a mix of equipment FRNs and service FRNs.

To create an FRN, click the Add FRN button.

Funding Request 1