Request for Reimbursement Reminders and Tips

Requests for reimbursement will be reviewed and processed on a rolling basis. Here are a few reminders and tips that applicants and service providers should follow in order to streamline and expedite the review process:

  • Service Invoice Summary – To help expedite the review of a service invoice and the funds requested in your attached invoice, the Service Invoice Summary may be used. This provides an example of the relevant information we are seeking, such as the service start and end dates, number of lines, and unit price for each line as a breakdown summarizing how you determined the dollar amount requested. The use of this summary is not required but is intended to be a best practice example of how to summarize the relevant information that will help streamline the review of your reimbursement request. If you choose to use this summary, please upload it to the “Communications” tab in the ECF Portal once complete.
  • Invoice Attachment – When filling out the ECF FCC Form 472 (BEAR) and ECF FCC Form 474 (SPI), applicants and service providers must include the vendor invoice as an attachment. Quotes, sales orders, and purchase orders are not acceptable substitutes.
  • Service and Delivery Dates – Requests for reimbursement should not be submitted for equipment or services that have not yet been received. Please make sure the invoice identifies the start and end dates for services or the date of delivery (or shipment) in the invoice attachment, as this is a requirement for reimbursement.
  • Equipment and Services Confirmation – Before submitting the form, confirm that the make and model of the equipment and services listed on the invoice matches what is listed on the ECF FCC Form 471. For lengthier invoice documents, we recommend including a ‘cover letter’ with the vendor invoice document or as a separate attachment that identifies where the listed equipment and services, the delivery date, cost breakdowns, and service start and end dates can be found within the vendor invoice. This will aid in expediting the review process.
  • Taxes – Applicants and service providers can only request reimbursement for taxes on eligible equipment and services. Additional taxes on an invoice for equipment and services that are not eligible for reimbursement should be removed from the request for reimbursement amount.