Requests for Reimbursement

There are two ways for applicants to request reimbursement for eligible equipment and services through the Emergency Connectivity Fund Program. Applicants and service providers who agree to invoice on behalf of an applicant may submit a request for reimbursement (sometimes referred to as an invoice) for the Emergency Connectivity Fund Program once services and equipment have been received or delivered consistent with what was approved on the ECF FCC Form 471 application.

  • If the applicant is invoicing: The ECF FCC Form 472, or Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR) Form, is for applicants who are requesting reimbursement on approved funding from the Emergency Connectivity Fund Program.
  • If the service provider is invoicing: The ECF FCC Form 474, or Service Provider Invoice (SPI) Form, is for service providers who agree to invoice on behalf of applicants, to request reimbursement from the Program.

Program participants file these forms to create a request for reimbursement that may contain multiple line items. Some information will be pre-populated based on the Funding Request Numbers (FRNs) that were approved during the commitment process. Applicants and service providers will then enter additional information unique to the line item, attach supporting invoices to substantiate the requested line item, certify, and submit.

Invoice Deadline Dates

Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days from the date of the funding commitment decision letter; a revised funding commitment decision letter approving a post-commitment change or a successful appeal of previously denied or reduced funding; or service delivery date, whichever is later. Please note for equipment and other non-recurring services that have not been received when the applicant submits the application, the service delivery date is June 30, 2022. In the event you wish to extend an invoice deadline date, you must file a waiver with the FCC.

Request for Reimbursement Method for Applicants

After receiving the ECF-supported eligible equipment and/or services, applicants file the ECF FCC Form 472, or BEAR Form, to request reimbursement. If the applicant has not paid the service provider at the time of submitting the request for reimbursement, the applicant should indicate this on the ECF FCC Form 472. The applicant will be required to certify compliance and provide verification of payment to the service provider payment within 30 days of the invoice payment date. USAC will initiate this verification process.

Each request for reimbursement must be accompanied by a vendor invoice supporting the amount requested. Vendor invoices must include the level of detail needed for USAC to validate the following information during its review of this supporting documentation.

  • The date of the service for non-recurring charges, or the bill date for recurring charges, is consistent with what was entered on the ECF FCC Form 472.
  • The date of the service or bill is acceptable based on the relevant funding period.
  • The equipment or services provided are the same as what was approved on the ECF FCC Form 471, and are at the same or lower price point approved on the ECF FCC Form 471.
  • The service provider who provided the equipment or services is the same as who was approved on the ECF FCC Form 471.
  • The date that the service or equipment is delivered or shipped.

We encourage applicants to work with their service providers to ensure delivery information is on the invoice.  Please note that if your invoice does not include the information above, it may delay review.  Uploading documentation to demonstrate these details will speed up the invoice review process.  For example, if a vendor invoice does not include a delivery or shipped date, an applicant can upload a packing slip or other proof of delivery.

The ECF Portal will allow applicants to create line items for any FRNs desired onto a single ECF FCC Form 472, even if they are associated with different service providers. Applicants may also combine recurring and non-recurring services onto a single line item, or include multiple periods of recurring services onto a single line item.

USAC will review the request for reimbursement, including the supporting vendor invoice, and will reach out to the applicant if there are questions or issues with the submission. USAC will share approved requests for reimbursement with the FCC for review and certification, at which point the FCC will certify the payments and send to the U.S. Department of Treasury for disbursement. Applicants will receive payment directly to the bank account on file with If the registration is missing or expired, USAC will inform the applicant that the payment cannot be issued. Information about the status of requests for reimbursement will be available in the ECF Portal or through USAC’s Open Data platform.

Applicants and service providers who need a copy of their FCDL can open a customer service case in the ECF Portal or call the Emergency Connectivity Fund Customer Support Center (CSC) at (800)-234-9781 which is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.