ECF Post-Commitment Request Form: Service Providers

The ECF Post-Commitment Request Form is used to submit changes to funding requests after USAC has issued commitments for those requests.

Applicants or service providers can request multiple post-commitment requests related to a single ECF FCC Form 471 application within one ECF Post-Commitment Request Form, but will need to submit a separate form for requests related to other applications. You can include requests related to multiple Funding Request Numbers (FRNs) from an application within the same Post-Commitment Request Form.

Once you have submitted a Post-Commitment Request Form in the ECF Portal, please use the external communications tab to make any modifications to the form.

Purpose of Post-Commitment Request Form

Service Providers file an ECF Post-Commitment Request Form to request one or more of the following actions:

  • Change service associated with a funding request (known as a service substitution);
  • Change service provider associated with a funding request (known as a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) Change in E-Rate);
  • Update UEI Number;
  • Update FCC Registration Number;
  • Update Tax ID/EIN;
  • Update Invoicing Method.

When to File ECF Post-Commitment Request Form

The ECF Post-Commitment Request Form cannot be filed until USAC has issued a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) for the FRN. The Post-Commitment Request Form should be filed as soon as the applicant or service provider is aware of new circumstances that require adjustment to one or more FRNs. For changes that arise before an FCDL has been issued, please contact your reviewer via the communications function in the ECF Portal to make the necessary updates.

The information included on an invoice must match the information in the ECF FCC Form 471. If something has changed since the ECF FCC Form 471 was committed, please submit a Post-Commitment Request Form, otherwise the invoice may not be approved and/or be delayed for review.

How to File ECF Post-Commitment Request Form

The ECF Post-Commitment Request Form must be filed online in the ECF Portal.