Basic Information

This tab is used to view organization details and provide high-level information about the request. Applicants can enter a nickname for the request, select the types of changes to be made, provide a narrative and upload supporting documents.

  • To begin, enter in a Nickname for the post-commitment request.


  • Under Change Requests select one or more requested changes from the drop-down menu.


  • Under Narrative describe the change being requested.
    • To update DUNS number, FCC Registration Number, or TAX ID/EIN, please provide the new values in the narrative box below. Please note that changes to such registration information may require updates to other systems, such as (DUNS, Tax ID/EIC) and the FCC’s Commission Registration System (CORES) (FCC Registration Number, Tax ID/EIN).
  • Under Supporting Documents click on Upload Document to provide any documentation to support your post-commitment request. Supporting documentation is required for all post-commitment requests. You will not be able to add them when updating your funding request details.
  • Under Contact Information, select whether you are the Main Contact Person for the post-commitment request. If you select no, you will be required to add a Main Contact Person.
  • Click Save & Continue.