Click My Forms and Requests on Dashboard.

Applicant Appeals 1

Click on the Application Number for the application you want to appeal.

Applicant Appeals 2

Click on the Related Actions tab.

Applicant Appeals 3

Click on the Create Appeal icon.

Applicant Appeals 4

The appeals intake screen will appear. On this screen, you will need to complete the following fields:

  • Choose a Nickname
  • What type of decision would you like to appeal?
  • Select from the Appeal Category dropdown
    • Cancellation Dispute
    • Service Dates
    •  Reasonable Cost Determination
    • Data Entry Errors
    • Duplicative Service Issues
    • Ineligible Entity
    • No Response/Insufficient Documentation Violation
    • Red Light Rule
    • Do Not Pay
    • Service Eligibility
    • Service Substitution
    • SPIN Change
    • FRN Cancellation
    • FRN Reduction
    • UEI
    • FCC Registration Number
    • Tax ID/EIN Number
    • Number of Connected Devices/Connections Requested to Meet Unmet Needs
  • Select from the Appeal Type dropdown
  • Are you the main contact person? Yes or No
    • If you click no, you will be required to add a “Main Contact Person”

Applicant Appeals 5
Applicant Appeals 6
Applicant Appeals 7
Applicant Appeals 8

Click Continue.

Applicant Appeals 9

Select the checkbox next to the FRN(s) you wish to include in your appeal. Once you have checked the box next to the FRNs you want to include in your appeal, click Add FRNs on the right side.

Applicant Appeals 10

The FRNs you selected will appear under Selected FRNs. Click Continue.

Applicant Appeals 15

Under Narrative, provide an explanation of the relief sought through the appeal, or provide any other relevant information regarding this appeal. If you want to appeal multiple USAC decisions, please list all of the decisions you wish to appeal. You may also upload supporting documentation, but it is not required. Then click Submit.

Applicant Appeals 12

You are then able to view the submitted appeal.

Applicant Appeals 16

You will be able to view the information submitted in the appeal record on this screen.

Applicant Appeals 14